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Hello Tiny Tiny RSS

When Google Reader shutdown July 1st, 2013 I was forced to find an alternative RSS solution. I set out to find the best solution that I could. RSS is something I use daily. It’s a part of my life routine. Below you can find a quick summary of the services I liked and which solution I preferred.


  • Pay-for or self-hosted. I wanted to minimize the chances of the service shutting down. Self-hosted needs to run in a LAMP configuration.
  • Sleek web interface, good performance on my Chromebook. I prefer the three-column look that Reeder made popular.
  • Android integration. Android is my primary mobile operating system.
  • Frequent loading of personal feeds (e.g. feeds created by self-hosted Full-Text RSS). Some services load unpopular feeds very inconsistently.

Paid Services Evaluated

Self-hosted Services Evaluated

Android Applications Evaluated

  • Pay-for.
  • Very nice web interface.
  • Works great with Press.
  • RSS Feeds load on average about every 15 minutes.


  • Pay-for.
  • Nice web interface. However, when pressing the keyboard shortcut to go to the next article it would hang sometimes.
  • Not may faviorite Android application.


  • Paid, self-hosted.
  • Not may favorite web interface. I missed the third column that showed the article headlines.
  • Works with Press. However, there is a race condition between updates and marking all read.
  • Only refreshes feeds based on a cronjob or having the site open in your browser.

Tiny Tiny RSS

  • Free, self-hosted.
  • Beautiful web interface. Highly customizable. Great performance.
  • Works with News+. A similar race condition exists marking all read. Also, when you resync it will not sync the read status of articles the app already knows about. This isn’t a big issue because you can mark items read as your scroll through the headline list.
  • Fine grained control of how often feeds are updated. Per URL you are able to set the frequency at which it is check for new content. This is great when combined with Full-Text RSS, as it minimizes the load required.

In the end all services could have sufficed for my needs. Yet the best solution for me was Tiny Tiny RSS with News+. In future posts I will detail my setup and custom tweaks I performed to get it working exactly the way I wanted.

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